Nata in natura.
Allenati i sensi, facilmente emozionabile

Uso definirmi così, quasi fosse facile intenderne il significato.
Ma mi rendo conto che chi in natura non è cresciuto, difficilmente lo può intuire.
Dovrei raccontare i miei ricordi, ma penso sia inutile quanto spiegare un sogno.
Perchè allo stesso modo son fatti di visioni sonore olfattive, il tatto è relativo.
e il gusto come c'è, già non c'è più.

Marta was born in a town not far from Venice; she is a photographer, graphics and web graphics designer.
She finds on photography her own best way to represent her life and herself.
With her pictures she wants to manifest a sort of empire of emotions, because she lives for what she felt, she feel and for the next emotion that will come.
She loves to take pictures especially from the nature, which is the primary source of the sensations.
People is frightened by pure emotions in those years, and Marta try to fight the overwhelming annihilation only with her eyes, immortalizing the istant.

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